Roy M. Hartman Spoke on “Not Your Every Day (Legal) Issues That Can Confront Accountants (Sometimes Out of the Blue)” at a Meeting of the Broward Chapter of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA)

The topics Mr. Hartman presented were: 

  • The “Pros” and “Cons” to Requiring an Arbitration Clause in Client Engagement Letters
  • Important Provisions to Include in Client Engagement Letters
  • Legal Issues to Consider When an Accountant Leaves the Firm
  • The Differences Between Non-Competes and Non-Solicitation Provisions
  • Issues to Consider When a CPA is Engaged as an Expert
  • The Need to Confirm in Writing the Declination or Termination of a Client Engagement
  • What To Do If a Cyber Attack Occurs
  • The Need for and Adherence to Written Policies and Procedures
  • How Outside Counsel Can Assist the CPA Firm

Roy M. Hartman, a Director and Trial Counsel at Sacher Zelman Hartman, engages in a Complex Litigation Practice, representing accounting firms, banks and financial institutions, and private litigants, including regulated professionals, in such diverse matters as securities litigation, RICO, and other complex litigation.  

Mr. Hartman also engages in a Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights Litigation Practice, representing secured and unsecured creditors in a wide variety of bankruptcy matters. He has also been successful in numerous commercial foreclosure actions for lenders, and has frequently obtained and retained receivers, and pre-judgment writs of garnishment, replevin and attachment. He has successfully defended letter of credit claims and lender liability actions.

Mr. Hartman is a frequent lecturer to accountants and attorneys on matters pertaining to professional liability claims, best practices guidance, securities regulation, Sarbanes-Oxley, lender liability, creditors’ rights, and bankruptcy issues, among other topics.

Based upon his 35 years as a litigator, bankruptcy attorney, and business advisor, Mr. Hartman has also become a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator.

Roy can be reached at (305) 371-8797 and

Posted on March 10, 2016 in In The News, Press Releases